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Here at St. John the Divine Orphans and Outreach, we see the value in using all of our resources to their full extent. We see the value in empowering our children and our staff members to provide for themselves and their families and support their community. 

In addition to our sponsors, the invaluable work at St. John's is sustained through:

  • Sewing aprons, bags, hats, cushions, and making jewelry to sell in local markets. The funds raised supplement the costs of feeding our children.  

  • Planting vegetable gardens in hundreds of homes in our local community as well as here at our own center, to help feed our children and their families. 

  • Selling donated goods at local markets (if our children are unable to use them) to help raise funds needed to support the work we do at St. John's. 

  • Renting out our facilities to local schools and companies to conduct trainings (when the children are not using the center). 

Nonetheless, partnership with others is vital if we are to continue the work we are doing with these vulnerable children. Please consider supporting us monthly or with a one-time donation. Every bit helps! 

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