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Bringing Hope & Transformation

St. John’s Daycare provides a nurturing environment and playful learning opportunities that promote children’s well-being; physically, mentally and emotionally to their fullest development. Specifically, providing early education and school readiness to orphans and economically-impoverished children ages 2 to 5 years in the region of the Zenzele Informal Settlement in South Africa.


Our heart behind starting the Daycare Center

Here in Zenzele (Randfontein), there are many young children, who sit with their mothers all day in the hot sun on the side of the road, selling goods to make a meager living. It is our desire that these children have an opportunity to spend their days in a safe, quality, nurturing the environment, where they can not only be kids and have fun and play but also have a solid foundation in learning to read and write. This will also give their parent/s the opportunity to find reliable work to support their families and help change the face of their community.

Additionally, many of our young orphans, who live with their relatives also need a place to go whilst their guardian works. Our solution was to open up a Daycare Center that is geared towards these 2 to 5-year-olds. 



Our Program

The Daycare located in a small house owned by St. Johns. It is run following the Smartstart (Early Learning Social Franchise) system and recognized by the Department of Social Development as a “non-center”. St. John's Daycare is led by trained ECD Practitioner, Cynthia Ngcwabe, who has a great heart for the children of Zenzele.

Smartstart focuses on five features for a successful early learning program, all of which are linked to positive outcomes for children. Each element is included in a day’s lesson plans – nurture, talk, play, stories, and parent partnership. A daily routine includes: Greeting Time; Viewing the Message Board; Group Time (social skills); Planning Time; Play Time; Clean-Up Time; Recall Time; Large Group Time and Story Time. Within this framework, there is space for local adaptations and innovations, which enable evidence-based approaches to be blended with local knowledge and practices. 

Each day the children receive a hot meal and snacks that are made to help nourish and sustain them. 

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We need your help to make this a success!

Through your support, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. 

Once-off or ongoing support of any amount would be greatly appreciated:

Sponsor a monthly expense: 

Nutritious meals: R300/$20 per child  

Educational supplies: R2k/$130

ECD Practitioner salary: R9k/$600 

Electricity: R500/ $30 p/m

Cleaning/Hygiene supplies: R1k/$65

Sponsor a child for:
One month: R500/ $35.00
Six months: R3,000/ $215.00
One year: R6,000/$430.00
(Monthly cost of running the daycare is R30,000/ $ 2,000.00)

Donate towards fixing the daycare: Donations will help install toilets and a sink, fix the leaking roof and mend the fences. Costs estimated at R30,000/ $2,000.00.

Daycare GoFundMe Page 

Daycare BackaBuddy Page (South Africa)

St. John's Daycare: Programs


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  • Gray Family Missions

  • Keith & Jee-un Rieken (California, USA)

  • Paul & Jenny Harrison (California, USA)

  • Worker Bee Stationary (Robindale, SA)

  • Tom & Dawn Jordi - The Father's Heart (Douglasdale, SA)

  • John & Ruth Gregory (Robinhills, SA)

  • Craft Ladies of Olivedale Retirement Village (SA)

  • "Get Going Group" of Celebration Retirement Estate (SA)

  • George Lange & Shaleen Littlefield (Olivedale, SA)

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