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Books Galore

Do you love a good book? Here at St. John's the children love to hear a great story! Whenever we have story-time they gather eagerly to listen to a new adventure about to be unfolded in the pages of a book.

Some of the books donated from Friends of the Olivedale Library

Books are an amazing tool to teach the children about the world in which they live, it is a way to teach them to dream about what they could do one day or places they could see, etc. Our little library (one bookshelf) is very well used and we had been hoping to expand it with a variety of new storybooks, atlases, novels, etcetera, for the wide range of ages that we serve.

Our prayers were recently answered! Last week, a very generous amount of books were donated from Friends of the Olivedale Library (F.O.O.L.S) and Gray Family Missions. We were delighted to receive Readers Digest books, children's storybooks, beautiful atlases of South Africa, novels for our older teenagers, etc.

We cannot wait for our next story-time!

Even the staff cannot put the new books down!

If you have any books that you would like to donate to St. John the Divine Orphans & Outreach or a monetary donation for us to purchase books for the children, please contact us at

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