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Valentine's Day Pageant - Miss St. John's.

What a fabulous Valentine's Day! It started with the Gumboot dancers putting on a great performance with their new gumboots! Then came the main event of the day... the Miss St. John's Beauty Pageant. There were two age categories, namely, the 12-14-year-olds and the 6-11-year-olds. The winner received a prize of R150; the first princess received R100 and the second princess received R50.

There were also gifts given that comprised of clothes and cosmetics for the girls. These included teddy bears (handmade by the Craft Ladies of Olivedale Retirement Village and the “Get Going Group” of Celebration Retirement Estate) with lovely red bows on them as well as roses and smarties. A special thank you to our staff member Ruth Letsapa for fundraising and organizing this fun event. An event that helps improve the girl's confidence and self-esteem. The St. John children all received a lovely lunch and some fun party packs.

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