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Introducing...St. John's Day Care!

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Here in Zenzele (Randfontein), there are many young children, who sit with their mothers all day in the hot sun on the side of the road, selling goods to make a meager living. It is our desire that these children have an opportunity to spend their days in a safe, quality, nurturing environment, where they can not only be kids and have fun and play but also have a solid foundation in learning to read and write.

Many of our young orphans, who live with their relatives also need a place to go whilst their guardian works. Our solution was to open up a Daycare Center that is geared towards these 6 months to 5-year-olds. We are fortunate to be able to start the daycare in a little house. The Daycare is run following the Smart Start system and led by St. John's trained ECD Practitioner, Cynthia Ngcwabe, who has a great heart for the children of Mohlakeng & Zenzele.

However, to make this Day Care successful and accessible to many families, we need your help!

Please consider making a one-time donation or regularly sponsor a child/ren to attend St. John's Day Care….

There is much to be done to ensure we have a safe environment for the children.

Start-up costs are estimated at R21,000.00 (ZAR) (USD $1,500.00). These funds will:

  • Fix the roof of the house

  • Install a toilet and safe plumbing system

  • Pave the dirt yard

  • Replace the broken barb-wire fence with a safe fence and much more!

Total (on-going) monthly budget is estimated to run at R48,500.00 (ZAR) per month (USD $ 3,500.00).

Sponsor a child for:

  • One month: R 500 ($35.00)

  • Six months: R 3,000 ($215.00)

  • One year: R 6,000 ($430.00)

Donate by: GoFundMe - Under "I donate because...." Please write "Daycare"

Donate by: Direct Deposit - Please state the reference as "Daycare".

Thank you for consideration in helping to make a huge difference in these precious children’s and families’ lives!

Click here to make a donation - please note that it is for "St.John's Day Care".

Check out the short video below, highlighting the heart behind St. John's new Day Care Center!

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