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Lunch for 400, please!

Have you ever cooked for a large party or event, perhaps a large Thanksgiving Day meal? Here at St. John's, our kitchen is always busy... cooking for 400 precious children and staff members every week day. Rose, our fabulous Food Coordinator does it in her stride!

Enjoying a lunchtime meal after a busy day at school!

After attending school, the children come spend the rest of the afternoon at the outreach center, where after registering, they can fill their hungry bellies with some wholesome food.

Generally, a hot meal is always served, as for some of the children this may be their only hot meal of the day. Vegetables and herbs (as available) from our veggie garden help to add extra sustenance and flavor to the meal.

Left Photo: Preparing the plates for the children's lunch

Middle Photo: Traditional meal of sorghum

Right Photo: Patrica Marite (Program Manager) doing some taste testing! Verdict: Tastes Great!

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