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Sewing With A Smile

We are so blessed at St. John's to have an incredible team of talented seamstress's... made up of staff members and volunteer's from the community. These ladies do not waste anything! Instead, they use everything that they can get their hand on and recycle it into a beautiful, functional product, that can be sold to raise funds for St. John's children!

Lebohang busy working on a lovely apron.

All of the wonderful bags of Tastic Rice that Tiger Brands donate to us... once used, they get turned into fabulous aprons in adult and kid sizes. These apron are beautifully designed with a useful front pocket... perfect for when one is cooking or for any arts and crafts projects.

The ladies also sew lovely bags of several sizes and designs, all out of recycled material. They are wonderful for grocery shopping, a library book bag or a great beach bag. Whatever your need, these bags are lovely and sturdy enough to hold all your goodies.

Ruth working hard on an apron, that will be sold to raise funds for St. Johns.

Interested in purchasing these lovely products? Please contact Patrica Marite at: 082-857-1424

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