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Tiger Brands + Easter = FUN!

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

The children at St. John's had a blast on Wednesday, April 4th, when Tiger Brands Ltd surprised them with an afternoon of Easter fun! The day started with the children receiving delicious hot dogs for lunch and a wonderful bag of goodies (juice, chips, sweets... lots of yummy treats)!

St. John's Sarafina Dance Group rose to the occasion, showcasing some of their dances and delighting everyone in attendance! The girls put on an awesome show.

The atmosphere in the room was electric when the drums started to beat and a surprise visitor arrived....the Easter Bunny! The excitement was tangible as the kids ran to watch him dance and greet them all! Whispers were heard all over the room... Is he real? Is that really him! *Excitement*

Little ones blowing kisses to the Easter Bunny!

The adoration for the Easter Bunny was surpassed when an even more famous 'person' arrived... non other than Tiger Brands very own... Oros Man... Oh Oh OH OH Oros*!! The chanting in the room grew louder and louder as the kids delightfully cheered for him, shouting "Oros, Oros"... the Oros Man certainly brought great joy to everyone present! Impromptu dancing began all around as the kids couldn't help but join the Easter Bunny and the Oros Man in their dancing.

The day ended in a perfect way, with each child receiving two delicious chocolate marshmallow eggs from the Easter Bunny himself!

Thank you, Tiger Brands! We love and appreciate all you do for St. Johns!


*Oros is a well known South African drink - tasty orange squash!

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