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Welcome to St. John the Divine Orphans and Outreach

St. John the Divine Orphans and Outreach was started in 2002 by a number of caring people who wanted to reverse the ravages of the HIV and AIDS pandemics that had ravaged significant populations in South Africa, and, most importantly, its children and future. The new website (and Facebook page) is part of a larger strategy to bring a message of hope to the children served by the mission of St. John’s. Our Vision: to care for orphans and vulnerable children, remove the stigma of being an orphan, and alleviate poverty and suffering by facilitating programs that foster a change in our community.

And…To Put Smiles On The Faces Of Our Children!

On our new website you will be able to understand our mission and vision, view our sponsors, DONATE to our mission to benefit the children, view information about our leadership team, and to see how you can become involved with this amazing organization, and it’s amazing children.

Welcome to St. John the Divine Orphans and Outreach, where we are busy putting Smiles On The Faces Of Children!

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1 Comment

Jun 28, 2019

What a world of selfless people . You are all merited with honour for as you shape the children you shape a nation .

We give God the glory and we thank you for your tireless , joyful and faithful dedication to St John’s vision

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