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A Christmas Party To Remember

We were so excited to host the youth (0-14 years old) Children's Christmas party on 1st December, 2018 - our main goal? To put smiles on the children's faces! The children eagerly await this party all year long! It is often the only opportunity the children will have to celebrate Christmas and receive a gift, due to their familial situation.

We were extremely blessed by St. John's College - donating presents to all of the children in the form of "shoe box" gifts... filled with lots of practical and fun surprises.

The excitement and joy from the children was contagious.

Receiving shoe boxes from St. John's College

The staff members and guardians worked tirelessly to ensure there was much fun to be had... sweets, jumping castles, soccer games, dancing and delicious boerewors rolls and to top it all amazing cake. All generously donated to St. John's Orphans and Outreach.

The girls also delighted in participating in "Miss St. John the Divine Orphans and Outreach". An opportunity for them to develop in confidence and self-esteem.

Thank you Checkers Tambotie for our Christmas cake and sweets!

The party was a great success all around, with the staff members, guardians and children all expressing their delight in the event. We are eagerly looking forward to the next one!

We would like to extend our thanks to:

If you would like to be apart of the 2019 Christmas party - either by volunteering on or before the day or in helping to support the event financially, please contact Patrica Marite at: 082-857-1424 or please click here: Donation

Want to have a blast? Come volunteer at one of our Christmas parties!

Braai Feast - Boerewors for all!

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